Q: Why Do I Need a Matchmaker?

A: You are a busy, successful, and intelligent man with lots of responsibility and little time to waste. The more successful you become, however, the more you realize that the most valuable commodity in life is not money but rather time. And you are spending an inordinate amount of it on your quest to find your special someone. You are sick of online dating, tired of the bar scene, and too exhausted after a day changing the world at work to put on a Tommy Bahama shirt and go out on the town. What you need is a team of men dedicated to your success – just as you would hire a law firm to handle your tax preparation or a medical doctor to provide your annual physical, so too should you hire a team of seasoned experts to help you find your life partner in an efficient and effective manner. In other words, you outsource it. Do you need a matchmaker? No. Should you hire our matchmaking team to make your life easier and your search more effective? Absolutely.

Q: Who Are Your Clients?

A: Our clients are the most successful, educated, and driven men in the DC Metropolitan area for who our team actively seeks out, screens, and qualifies matches meeting their unique criteria. We work with busy CEOs, entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, politicians, bankers, celebrities, models, and athletes who share the goal of finding someone special for a committed relationship. We are passionate about helping clients at any phase of their search, whether they have never had a relationship, have never been married, are divorced, or are widowed. We screen out the misfits for them and introduce them exclusively to the most eligible and relationship-ready women who meet their strict criteria. Our evidence-based Attraction Acceleration Coaching Program uses a goal-oriented approach to helping our clients find, form, and maintain happy and healthy relationships. With regards to age, we represent clients aged 21 and over.

Q: How Do You Match Your Clients?

A: We match our clients based on information obtained from a comprehensive interview designed to gain a deep understanding of their ideal match combined with the ongoing feedback we receive from them following each date. This information is used to search our constantly growing database, and we also tap into the databases of our large network of fellow matchmakers and dating coaches. In addition, our expert recruiters are constantly out meeting women on your behalf at networking, cultural, and sporting events, as well as at restaurants, coffee shops, bars, lounges, and clubs with a strong goodness-of-fit for the type of woman you are seeking. Rather than relying on “intuition”, our team relies on evidence-based predictors of attraction and long-term relationship success to make the perfect match.

Q: How Much Do Matchmaking Packages Cost?

A: Our clients are highly unique and each has their own idea of the perfect match. During your initial consultation call (register HERE), we will learn more about you and your ideal match such that we can determine which package will best fit your needs: Basic, Preferred, or Elite. Package pricing varies depending on factors unique to the individual client, including the specificity of matching criteria, the marketability of the client to those they wish to meet, which (if any) boosts they select, and the level of matchmaker access and attention they both want and need. Specific price ranges will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Q: How Many Clients Do You Work With?

A: We provide a truly unparalleled level of service and individual attention to our clients, because we limit ourselves to serving only 10 clients at a time. The industry average is 15-20 clients. If you are interested in seeking out the love of your life, hire The Model Man.

Q: What Cities Does The Model Man Serve?

A: We focus on the DC Metropolitan area which includes the District of Columbia, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia. However, clients have the opportunity to choose the “Roadmap” boost to expand your search nationally or the “Visa” boost to expand your search internationally! We stop at nothing to find your perfect match.

Q: How Much Access Will I Have to My Matchmaker?

A: How much access you will have to your matchmaker will vary by whether you are a Basic, Preferred, or Elite client. During your interview with our matchmakers, you will determine which level best fits your individual wishes and needs.

Q: How Long Do Matchmaking Packages Last?

A: Our matchmaking packages last for 6 months.

Q: How Many Matches Do I Get Each Month?

A: There is no limit to the number of matches you get each month, but our goal is to find you the perfect match as soon as possible. We will introduce you to matches one-at-a-time to give romance an opportunity to blossom, and we guarantee a minimum of one match for each contracted month. Our time-consuming recruitment process often involves interviewing dozens of potential matches, few of who will be qualified to meet you. The more criteria you have which a match must meet, the more time it will take. This is not online dating, where the focus is on quantity over quality – we don’t want you going on just any dates, we want you going on the right dates.

Q: You Introduced Me to Someone Special, Can I “Freeze” My Membership?

A: Yes – We are happy to freeze your contract for 2 months during your 6-month contract for any reason. This is a terrific opportunity to exclusively date that special someone, or if you have to travel. If you meet that special someone after just one introduction from The Model Man, consider it money well spent!

Q: What is the Difference Between a “Client” and a “Free Member”?

A: Joining our database (Men CLICK HERE, Women CLICK HERE) as a “Free Member” is not the same as being a “Client”. Paying clients are the most successful, educated, and driven men in the DC Metropolitan area for who our team actively seeks out, screens, and qualifies matches meeting their unique criteria. “Free Members” are individuals available to be matched with our amazing clients, but are not guaranteed dates.

Q: What is Your Success Rate?

A: Each of our clients defines success differently– from finding someone to date exclusively, to getting into a long-term relationship, to marriage. Although neither we nor any matchmaking agency can guarantee that you will find love and get married, you can rest assured that your journey with The Model Man will be a life-changing process which will equip you with the mindset and skills you need to meet your personal goals.

Q: Who Arranges the First Date?

A: The Model Man is a concierge dating service, meaning that it will be our pleasure to arrange an amazing first date with each of your matches.

Q: What Kinds of Photos Should I Submit?

A: You are required to submit at least two photos: One portrait which focuses on your face, and one full-body photo which shows your figure. These photos should not contain anyone else, should not be taken at an angle, should have been taken in the last 6 months, and should be representative of how you currently look. Any deception in this regard will result in immediate removal from our database. Attractiveness is a matter of personal taste and there is a match for all body shapes and sizes, so please do not feel intimidated by the submission process.

Q: Can I Update My Database Profile After I Submit?

A: Yes – To update your database profile (including photos) after you submit your request form, email us at with the title “PROFILE UPDATE REQUEST”. If you are no longer single, please let us know and we will make your profile inactive until you tell us otherwise.

Q: Do Clients and Free Members Have to Follow Specific Rules?

A: Yes – Our evidence-based rules include:

  • Men are expected to act like gentlemen and behave chivalrously (e.g., open doors)
  • Women are expected to act like ladies and accept chivalrous behavior (e.g., having the door opened for them)
  • The man pays for the first date
  • Two drink maximum for the first date
  • Stay on neutral subjects for the first date (e.g., no exes, no religion, no politics, no sex)
  • No ghosting or text break-ups – if you no longer wish to date someone, you will be an adult about it and call them
  • Keep texting to a minimum for the first month of dating
  • No sex before monogamy

We accept that you may not be thrilled with some of these rules, but we ask that you trust our expertise in maximizing the likelihood that you will have an amazing first date and set the foundation for a healthy and happy long-term relationship. If you are not willing to abide by any of these rules, we respectfully ask that you not request to become a client or free member.

Q: Isn’t Online Dating Cheaper Than Using a Matchmaker?

A: Let’s run the math: Say you go on one date each week with someone you met via online dating (5 dates per month). According to and, the average price of a date in DC is $177, in Maryland is $209, and in Virginia is $141. Each date is going to involve an hour of getting ready, an hour to get to and from the location of the date, and two hours actually being on the date (20 hours/month), and surveys have found that the average man spends 1.25 hours per day on dating websites and apps when they engage in online dating (39 hours/month). You are a busy man, and let us say you value your time at $100 an hour (although you are worth much more!). Using these assumptions, you are spending $6,785 a month dating in DC, $6,945 a month dating in Maryland, and $6,605 a month dating in Virginia. When you decide to date like this, you are wasting a huge amount of money, time, and energy on bad dates and without any guarantee that the person you agree to meet is who they represent themselves to be online. What are you waiting for? Hire The Model Man’s matchmaking team instead.

Q: What is the Difference Between You and Services like Tawkify or It’s Just Lunch?

A: Both Tawkify and It’s Just Lunch are what are referred to as “dating services”. If you sign-up for either, you will be exclusively matched with other paying members, significantly limiting the pool of potential matches. In addition, staff members manage so many clients simultaneously that they are unable to provide you with individualized attention. Neither service is particularly expensive, because the quality of service you are getting and the small pool to which you have access justifies a low cost. The Model Man utilizes an “executive search” matchmaking model in which we use handpicked recruiters to go out to specifically find, screen, and qualify women who meet your unique criteria. We tailor this comprehensive search process to you, even collaborating with our extensive international network of matchmakers and dating coaches to find your dream woman. You get what you pay for, and the best investment you will ever make is in finding the love of your life.

Q: Do You Run Criminal Background Checks?

A:Yes – We run criminal background checks on clients as part of our dedication to your safety.

Q: I Am an Executive, Celebrity, or Public Figure – Is Your Service Discrete?

A: Yes – We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of discretion. Many of our clients have high-profile careers which limit their ability to find love online or in more traditional ways.  During your interview, we will discuss any unique privacy needs and specifically tailor our services to meet them. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Q: Do You Work with LGBT Clients?

A: We work closely with the #1 LGBT matchmaker in the region. Join our database (Men CLICK HERE, Women CLICK HERE) and select your sexual orientation. We will be thrilled to help you meet your perfect partner.

Q: Do You Provide Attraction Acceleration Coaching for Women?

A: Yes – We work closely with the #1 dating coach for women in the region. Join our database (Men CLICK HERE, Women CLICK HERE) and then respond to the automated email you receive to tell us about your interest in such coaching. It will be our pleasure to arrange sessions for you!

Q: Do You Work with Women Clients?

A: We work closely with the #1 matchmaker for women clients in the region. Join our database (Men CLICK HERE, Women CLICK HERE) and then e-mail us at to let us know that you are interested in matchmaking services rather than just being a free member, and it will be our pleasure to help you meet your perfect partner.

Q: I Know Someone Who Could Use Your Services, Can I Refer Them to You?

A: Yes – we love referrals and even offer a success fee! Please email us at with a brief description of the individual who you would like to refer as well as his or her contact details. It will be our pleasure to reach out to them and transform their love lives forever.